2018 Table & Convention Enquiries

Terry and Jim chat about their collecting interests

Tables for the 2018 Militaria Show & Sale are sold out.  Please contact Tim Burt to get on a waiting list or to discuss your options.

The 2018 2-Day Annual Militaria Show & Sale will once again feature 80+ tables.   Leading dealers from Manitoba, Ontario and the USA are expected be in attendance.  The Jeffrey Hoare Military Auction set for June 23, 2018 is expected to increase attendance to the show as it did last year.

Anyone interested in a table for this show is invited to contact Tim Burt, Convention Chairman at (226) 383-0695 or info@hamwichouse.com .  See registration form for details.


High quality material on 80+ tables

2018 Rates

FIRST BOURSE TABLE (Includes Breakfast and CSMMI Fun Auction)                                           $90.00

NUMBER of ADDITIONAL 6' Bourse tables (LIMIT of 3)                                                                     $70.00

TOTAL NUMBER of OTHER HELPERS                                                                                                    $20.00 each

BREAKFAST TICKETS ONLY or Additional Breakfast Tickets                                                            $20.00 each

TOTAL NUMBER of 6' DISPLAY TABLES                                                                                               NO CHARGE




2018 Registration Form









2018 AGM Registration -Final