Stop Thief!


A battledress blouse and badged black beret from the collection of William Lilbourne was stolen on 22 October 2022 from the Peterborough Militaria show in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

The BD blouse is attributed to the late Lieutenant OG Johns, along with the stolen battledress was a photo of Johns wearing the tunic. The battledress blouse is a Size 8 made by Tip Top Tailors, dated December 1942 as clearly marked on an inside panel. The blouse is not named but has several identifying features such as the tailored open collar with light staining along with the distinctive Armoured Carrier insignia on both sleeves. Very clean, bright, neatly sewn, Dutch woven shoulder titles. Printed cotton variety of 79th Armoured Division ‘Bull’s Heads' and tall narrow 31 Tank Brigade hour glass shaped ‘Diabolos’ in a medium green, light wool. As well, there are yellow backed, embroidered rank insignia on both shoulder straps. See photos.

The black beret is clearly marked on the inside, ‘Dorothea Hats Ltd. Toronto, 7 3/8, 1944’. It has a dark blue (RCEME or RCCS colour) backing sewn on behind the Kangaroo cap badge.

Mr. Lilbourne has loaned and contributed several documents, photos and information to the Regimental Archive over the years and we would like to see these items returned to him as soon as possible.

The rarity of these items should make them easy to spot should they appear for offer somewhere. Anyone seeing these items or knowing their whereabouts are asked to contact the Peterborough Police Service (705) 876-1122 and or the Kangaroo Regiment Archive (403) 605-0059.

Stolen Battlefield Blouse and Beret